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Posters for English

English Posters

Do you wish you had a ready supply of great posters highlighting key ideas in English? Look no further!

Purchase a 12 month subscription and receive a pdf file each month of a new full color poster in letter size (8 12" x 11") and 17" x 11". Each month we will email a pdf file to you.
Now you can print as many posters as you want for your school or library!
The English poster series incorporate eye-catching images and messages that focus on key topics such as: literacy, drama, poetry, grammar, spelling, media and much more!
A year's subscription is only $39.95 – Additional poster pdf files are $3.95 each.

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12 month subscription comprises a set of 12 English pdf poster files for only $39.95 Additional Individual pdf poster files $3.95 each (We will manually adjust your bill if you order 12 or more).

To order multiple posters, select each poster, click 'add to cart', in the cart window click 'continue shopping' and select the next poster.

Pre-Printed Posters

Posters also available pre-printed on glossy cardstock.

Set of 12 - 8 12" x 11" letter size $49.95 (additional posters $4.95 each)

Set of 12 - 11" x 17" large size $59.95 (additional posters $5.95 each)

Please contact our office to order pre-printed posters