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Successful Studying Posters

Successful Studying Posters

A set of 25 pdf file format posters highlighting key study skills in a colorful, eye-catching way!
Study skills advice needs to be snappy, memorable and visual if it is to be effective!

You can print each full-color poster in either of 2 sizes: letter size and/or tabloid (11" x 17") for maximum flexibility. We send you the PDF files by email. Print as many as you like of these pdf digital posters for use in your school or library!

PRE-PRINTED on glossy card stock:
Set of 25 posters
   Letter size 812" x 1112" $93.00
   Tabloid size 11" x 17" $113.00
Set of 12 posters
   Letter size 812" x 1112" $49.95
   Tabloid size 11" x 17" $59.95
Individual posters
   Letter size 812" x 1112" $4.95
   Tabloid size 11" x 17" $5.95
Set of 25 posters $69.00
Set of 12 posters $39.95
Individual posters $3.95
The price includes a site license allowing schools & colleges to print multiple copies. As these are pdf posters and supplied via email there is no delivery charge.
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Style: Pre-Printed   PDF
Size: 812" x 1112"    11 x 17
Price: $ 113.00