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Choose your shelf Label Holders using our ABC guide below.
Measure the width of the front of your shelving
Count your shelves. The total number of shelves is the number of holders you need to order.

(i) Choose your shelf Labels from either
- 10 Color Sets
- Single Color sets
- Fiction sets
(ii) Select the size to match your shelf label holders

Install the Shelf Label Holders and insert your shelf labels

Peel off the adhesive backing and adhere the transparent holder to your shelf.
Please note that when fixed, the holder will be permanently adhered.

Pull open the front of the holder from the top and insert your label.

Arrange labels along the holder to suit your neds. You can rearrange your labels anytime a change is needed.

Complete the makeover by selecting matching
- Shelf Dividers
- Shelf Ends
- Picture Sets
- Spine Labels
- Classification Overviews