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The testimonials below are just a few examples of why you should choose Library Skills for your library supplements supplier.

  • "I like the Plagiarism Posters. The posters are clear and succinct."

    Laurie Garretson
    The Overlake School
    Redmond, WA
  • "The flipbook on MLA style bibliography is invaluable. The students love having it to refer to in the library. It is so easy to use! What a great idea."

    Laurie Garretson
    The Overlake School
    Redmond, WA
  • "The Junior Dewey Poster Set is colorful, uncluttered, child-friendly terminology and well designed."

    Mary Jane Burger
    Carmody Hills Elementary School
    Capitol Heights, MD
  • "The signage is exactly what I teach in research skills. The signs will save me so much time as they will fit my lesson plans. Thank you so much."

    Joan Bennett
    Locust Gove High School
    Locust Grove, OK
  • "Very appropriate teaching aides. Graphics are colorful with up to date teaching strategies. The products are wonderful, I want one of everything. I love these posters."

    Cindy Hartman
    T.A. Edison School
    Kansas City, KS
  • "Pleasing to the eye, easy to read, attract attention to different sections, helps students learn what is available in specific section."

    "MLA Bibliographic Posters are great for displaying near periodicals, OPAC, reference section..."

    Barbara A. Rathmann
    Summit Elementary School
    Ashland, KY